Raise the Curtain

After 50 years of producing shows in the “Little Red Schoolhouse” and growing our organization, we will be moving from that location to build a brand new larger theater.

A first in Petaluma – we are building a brand-new state of the art modern theater

Follow us on this website to learn more about the progress of building our new Theater.

About Us

For over fifty years Cinnabar Theater has brought the magic of live theater to many thousands of patrons across Sonoma and Marin Counties and nurtured the talent and confidence of thousands of young people through classes and performances.

Founded as an opera company in 1970, Cinnabar has evolved and grown over the decades. We now produce thought-provoking plays, enchanting musicals, Young Rep shows and celebratory concerts.

The Mission of Cinnabar Theater

To enrich the cultural fabric of the Bay Area with intimate and thought-provoking theatrical and musical performances. We educate and inspire our youth, developing future artists and audiences.

Statement of Values:

Cinnabar believes that performing arts matter. Our commitment is to make it matter to more people!

We produce 5 Professional Shows each season and 3 Mainstage Young Repertory Shows.

In addition, we offer many varied Youth after school classes each week.

As a modest non-profit with a staff of only 5, we are funded through ticket sales, class tuition and contributions from public and private sources.

Close-up of hands holding theater tickets

15,000 patrons attend​ our shows each year​

Theater Group Rehearsing A Play On Stage

700 students are enrolled in our programs annually

Excited audience clapping in the theater

We operate on a budget of $1M

Actor performing a monologue in a theater

The Need & The Challenge

Cinnabar is at a crossroads after five decades of producing shows.

The infrastructure of our current space, built in 1908, cannot support modern theater technology, limiting the scope of productions.

With only 100 seats, many of our Young Rep shows sell out in just minutes.

Scarcity of Parking forces many patrons to navigate unpaved muddy parking area in darkness.

Restrooms and other consumer amenities are barely adequate for the size of our crowds.

The strain of a growing season and patron base on an aging facility has taken an unfortunate toll, and we need a new space that befits our artistic ambitions.

In 2021, we secured a 6,000 sf space in the Petaluma Village Mall for our Young Rep program and camps. The fabulous energy, numbers and diversity of participants we’ve experienced since this move, as well as the visibility, parking and other features of the Mall, convinced us to pursue a permanent location for Cinnabar at the Mall.


We now have found our forever home in Petaluma!

The Project:

An Audacious Plan

We have entered into a long-term lease with Simon Properties to convert an 8,500 sf, former retail space as our new home. This location will seat twice as many guests as our present facility. The Mall already provides ample, well lit, secure parking, accessible restrooms, and the electrical capacity to power our sophisticated lighting and sound equipment.

Our shared, aspirational vision with Simon is to create a new arts and entertainment hub for the region, with the Cinnabar Theater as the flagship. As retail spaces across the country transition to new uses, we anticipate that more arts organizations, galleries and food and beverage purveyors will migrate to the mall location.

Ai Rendering

The NEW Cinnabar

The NEW Cinnabar Theater will provide…

Advanced, state-of-the-art production capabilities, expanding the variety of shows we can present to elevate the artistic experience for both our audiences and performers.

The capacity to include more youngsters, and disadvantaged youth in our highly-acclaimed classes and camps, nurturing the talents of the next generation and providing the opportunity for the successful professional careers which some of our Young Rep alums enjoy today.

A central North Bay address for outstanding plays, musical theater, concerts and other performances which is comfortable, accessible and affordable.


Why support us?

Cinnabar Theater is Petaluma’s Premiere Theater with a 50-year history

We do excellent work – producing 5 mainstage Professional Shows a year.

Our Young Rep program is exciting, vibrant and growing by leaps and bounds. This past year we enrolled over 700 kids in our programs and there continue to be wait lists for each one.

  • Enriching the Community – Cinnabar Theater does not just put on shows – it enriches lives.We provide a platform for creative expression, fostering inclusivity, empathy and understanding.

  • By supporting us, you contribute to a dynamic cultural landscape that benefits everyone in the community.

  • Nurturing Young Talent – Our Young Repertory division isn’t just about performances; it's about shaping the future. Investing in Cinnabar means nurturing budding talent, offering education, mentorships and opportunities that shape the next generation of artists and leaders.

  • Elevating Professional Performances: From classic plays to cutting-edge productions, Cinnabar’s professional division sets a standard for excellence. Supporting us means enabling the creation of high-quality, thought-provoking, and engaging performances that captivate audiences and spark conversations.

  • Expanding Artistic Horizons: With a larger theater space, Cinnabar can do so much more. We can dream bigger, stage grander productions, accommodate larger audiences, and broaden our scope to offer diverse and innovative performances.

  • Cultural Investment: Supporting Cinnabar Theater isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about investing in culture. Culture defines a community's identity. By supporting the arts, individuals contribute to a richer, more vibrant cultural tapestry for generations to come.

  • Building a Legacy: Contributing to our capital fundraising campaign means becoming a part of our history. Donors will be integral in building the foundation for the future of Cinnabar Theater, leaving an enduring legacy for generations to enjoy.

  • Joining a Creative Family: Supporting Cinnabar means becoming a part of our creative family. Donors aren’t just sponsors; they're valued members of a community dedicated to celebrating artistry and fostering a love for the performing arts.

  • Impact Beyond the Stage: The impact of Cinnabar Theater extends far beyond the confines of the stage. Through outreach programs, collaborations, and educational initiatives, we touch lives, inspire creativity, and make a meaningful difference in the world.

Remember, by supporting Cinnabar Theater, donors aren’t just supporting a theater; they’re fostering creativity, enriching lives, and contributing to the cultural heartbeat of our community.

Contact Us

2200 Petaluma Blvd N. #700 Petaluma, CA 94952

Telephone: 707-981-7646


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